Raspberry Pi Foundation choose the best time to launch its new Pi Model on Pi Day. Their newest Pi is not Raspberry Pi 4, but is a more efficient and up-to date version of Model B. The new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ comes with a chip package that enables new features which will be an alluring and fascinating addition to the already powerful user base of Pi consumers.

Raspberry Pi Model B+ is the updated version of the BCM2837B0 Broadcom processor, which is a 64-bit chip focused on heat dissipation and saving power which helps in better temperature monitoring for performance reasons.

Key Features of the New Raspberry Pi Model B+:

  • 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
  • Dual-band 802.11ac wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Faster Ethernet (over USB 2.0 – 300Mbps max)
  • Power-over-Ethernet support (PoE HAT needed)
  • Improved PXE network and USB mass-storage booting
  • Improved thermal management

The 2.4GHz Tx and Rx bandwidth capabilities are 30% higher, while the 5GHz bandwidth is 2.85x the original 35.7 Mb/s of the Raspberry Pi 3B.  Since Raspberry Pi also put the radio module in a shield, allowing the entire board to be FCC certified as a module, any product designed with the Pi B+ does not need to have its own FCC radiation certification. Emulation and streaming are completely optimized with Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Another extremely distinguishing feature of the Raspberry Pi 3B+ is the PoE compatibility. The Pi PoE Switch HAT is a power over ethernet add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. One can now power the Raspberry Pi and provide an Ethernet connection in any location with just a single cable. Raspberry Pi Foundation requires the use of the new PoE HAT which converts the 48V PoE supply to a Pi friendly 5V.  On the note of power, Raspberry Pi did some really awesome planning which has allowed for higher performance than the Pi 3B.

Thus, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is an update to the Model B and is not named as Raspberry Pi 4, and is just like an update that we have on our phones with added features. These additional features have addressed the needs of the Pi consumers.  The Model B+ was optimized to be better utilized in industrial applications where PoE is required. Overall with an increase in network speed, reduction in heat dissipation and more streamlined version, Pi 3B+ has similar functionality to that of Raspberry Pi 3B.

This will be launched in India soon, till then register on your site and Pre-Book it on our site at Raspberry Pi.

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