After the regular school work, tuitions, examinations, and schedules, all a parent and child want is to relax and begin with the learning curve again. The time has come for the kids to play their favorite sport, go for outings, and attend camps for this summer vacation. Why not make this summer a summer of Tech?


As the Educational technology advances, both the parent and child have to develop themselves to adjust to this new era. Technology encourages children to broaden their horizons and can help your child discover hidden skills and creative talents. Urge to learn has always been the reason for discoveries. Children’s thirst for knowledge and fascination with the digital world and inventions has led them to believe that they can be the next scientist. Why not incline them to make their own inventions again? And give direction to their interest with the DIY kits.


Robocraze is launching the new Student’s Kit for age groups 6-9 years and 9-12 years keeping their safety in mind. The DIY kits present for the younger age group will teach them the assemblage skills, the concept of batteries, solar power and conversion of motion in a fun way.


DIY Boat Engine     DIY Solar Powered Car


One such kit among the many is the Boat Ship kit, fixing which on your kid’s designed hovercraft will let it glide through the water. Another kit is the solar-powered controller car present in four vibrant colors which will develop their interest in the self-assembly of the car in a fun way and will be a trophy addition to the display shelf.


Kits for the older age group include teaching them soldering to make their own remote-controlled cars, along with concepts like mechanics, gears, chassis, pulley systems, and other technical aspects present in the DIY projects.

Solder your own Line follower Car  DIY Metal Car Model


The above images show a line-follower car and a metal car model kit.


These kits will enhance their high-level skills such as problem-solving, strategy, and critical thinking which are essential for their academics as well. Making this kit with your child will also help strengthen the bond between families!


So, this summer with new projects in hand doesn't let your kid be glued to their I-pads or television or let them wait for the academics to teach them about the trending technologies. Help them make their own kits which they can showcase in their school after the vacation gets over and be applauded for as well as help them enter the world of science on their own.


Check out our collection of DIY Kits and choose from a varied selection.


And be tuned to our YouTube channel for the videos on the kits:


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