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Witty Fox - SI7021 Humidity Temperature Sensor Breakout Board

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  • Precise Relative Humidity Sensor {± 3% RH (max), 0–80% RH}
  • Industrial Grade High Accuracy Temperature Sensor {±0.4 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C}
  • 0 to 100% RH operating range. Up to –40 to +125 °C operating a range
  • Wide operating voltage (1.9 to 3.6 V)
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU and other microcontrollers

Witty Fox - SI7021 Sensor

Witty Fox Si7021 offers better accuracy and a wider range for temperature and humidity readings, as compared to DHT11 and DHT22. It also comes in a significantly smaller size as compared to the former 2 sensors.

The Si7021 has ±0.4 °C temperature accuracy at a range of -10 to +85 °C± and 3% relative humidity measurements with a range of 0–80% RH. It is perfect for environmental monitoring projects and uses the I2C interface for data transfer which makes it compatible with the majority of available microcontrollers.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Witty Fox Si7021 Sensors


Humidity Sensor ± 3% RH (max), 0–80% RH
Temperature Sensor ±0.4 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C
Operating Range  0 to 100% RH
Operating Voltage  1.9 to 3.6 V
Dimensions  3 x 2 x 1cms
Weight  5 grams
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What is a temperature sensor?

A temperature sensor is an electronic device that measures the temperature of its environment and converts the input data into electronic data to record, monitor, or signal temperature changes.





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