Buy Voltage Sensor Module 25V Online
Voltage Sensor
Buy Voltage Sensor Module 25V Online
  • Buy Voltage Sensor Module 25V Online
  • Voltage Sensor
  • Buy Voltage Sensor Module 25V Online

Voltage Sensor Module 25V

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  • DC input interface: red terminal positive with VCC, negative with GND
  • If using 3.3V systems, input voltage not greater than 3.3Vx5=16.5V
  • You can also use the IICLCD1602 LCD to display voltage.
  • By 3P connector, connect this module with the expansion of board Arduino, not only makes it easier for you to detect voltage battery.

Voltage Sensor Module 25V

This is a simple but very useful module that uses a potential divider to reduce an input voltage by a factor of 5. The Voltage Detection Sensor Module 25V allows you to use the analog input of a microcontroller to monitor voltages much higher than it capable of sensing.

For example with a 0-5V analog input range, you are able to measure a voltage up to 25V. The module also includes convenient screw terminals for easy and secure connection of a wire.

This module is based on the principle of resistive voltage divider design, can make the red terminal connector input voltage to 5 times smaller. Arduino analog input voltages up to 5 v, the voltage detection module input voltage not greater than 5Vx5=25V.


Connection Diagram:

Connection Diagram with Arduino

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Voltage Sensor Module 25V


Voltage input range DC 0-25 V
Voltage detection range DC 0.02445 V  to 25 V
Dimensions  3 x 2 x 1cms
Weight  5 grams


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a voltage sensor module?

  • A voltage sensor is a device that detects electric current in a wire and generates a signal proportional to that current. The generated signal could be an analog voltage or current, or it could be a digital output. Voltage sensors can detect both AC and DC voltage levels.

2. How many pins voltage sensor module has?

  • A 25V Voltage Sensor has 5 pins in total. Two are two-pin screw terminals, and three are male header pins. The Screw Terminal pins are labeled VCC and GND, and they must be connected to the external voltage source, i.e. the voltage to be measured.

3. Where can I use the Voltage sensor module?

  • The voltage sensor module is a 0-25 DC voltage sensing device that is based on a resistive voltage divider circuit. The voltage sensor module can be used in voltage measurement, Fault sensing, Safety switching, and Power Control

4. What is the purpose of the voltage sensor?

  • Voltage sensors are wireless devices that can be attached to a wide range of assets, machinery, and equipment. They provide round-the-clock monitoring, constantly looking for voltage data that may indicate a problem. Low voltage may indicate a problem, whereas high voltage may endanger other assets.