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RF controlled BOT

RF controlled BOT-Robocraze

RF controlled BOT

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 Bots using Remote Control uses Remote Control module for taking instruction from remote control. It’s the basic example about how to interface different input devices to bots. Such bots can take input from instructor and follow the instruction accordingly. After reading this documentation and going through the assembly video provided along with the kit, you will be playing with these bots. Moreover you can make it modular so that it can be easily modified in future.

The main electronics and mechanical components that will be used in making this robot are two sensors made using Remote Control module, a Arduino based microcontroller board including motor driver circuitry, chassis set, two BO motors and wheels.


  • Compact size and easy to assemble.
  • LED indication on Remote Control module for easy output identification.
  • Arduino based microcontroller board with in built motor driving circuitry.
  • Onboard programming port which can be used for modification and upgradation.

Line Follower Robot Quick start Guide:

  • This kit will contain a quick start guide containing manual about how to assemble the bots, calibration of sensors according to requiring, programming files and related video.


For assembling the bot you need appropriate size of screwdrivers .You just need to put on the power supply and your auto-bots is ready to go. The microcontroller provided will be pre-programmed but modification can be made easily by the provided programming port.

Package content:

The kit comes in a designed box with all the mechanical and the electrical components.

  • Electronic Components: Arduino controller board(1), Motor Driver Board (1), Remote Control module, connecting wires
  • Mechanical Components: Chassis set, Wheels and motors, Caster wheel, Screws, nuts and spacers.