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PS2 Keyboard Driver Module

PS2 Keyboard Driver Module

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  • This is PS2 Keyboard Driver Module
  • The key message is sent via the serial ( 19200 baud ) and parallel
  • This Convert the PS2 protocol to TWI/IIC,UART, parallel interface
  • The operating voltage is 5V

PS2 Keyboard Driver Module

PS2 keyboard driver module use a small microcontroller to read the data of the PS2 keyboard. The values will be sent to other equipment for usage via serial, parallel or TWI/IIC output. (Please ensure that the MINI JUMPER of the TWI/IIC ENABLE has been connected.) In a single chip microcomputer project system, there no need to write the keyboard driver, but just read the key information via serial, parallel or TWI/IIC output directly. More convenient. It will output TTL "0" if no keys had been pressed. If the key outputs "1", it will return to "0". The serial, parallel and TWI/IIC can work simultaneously. Please remove the MINI JUMPER if there is no slave on the TWI/IIC bus, or the module cannot work well.

working principle

PS2 keyboard driver module uses a piece of programed code of MCU as the controller, to read the state of PS2 keyboard keys. When the keyboard is pressed, the LED lights flashing on the PS2 keyboard driver module, at the same time through serial communication and parallel I/O port or TWI/IIC(Through the short circuit cap option),Keys will be output. For example, Press "A" key,serial port output data 0x1c, parallel I/o port output 0x1c by D7-D0. The output scan code can refer to the back of the content. Pop-up output. In addition, two sets of buttons, TTL output when there is no buttons to press the "0", and have a button to press the output "1", after the button pop-up restore "0" (each key on keyboard effectively. In addition to pause/break key. Serial, parallel, TWI/IIC can work at the same time. If there is no connection from the machine on the IIC/TWI bus, please remove short-circuit cap module above. Otherwise, the module will not be able to work properly.


  • Convert the PS2 protocol to TWI/IIC,UART, parallel interface
  • Add the key state detection function


  • Robot
  • Electronic products & projects

Package Includes:

1 x PS2 Keyboard Driver Module


Operating Voltage (DC) 5V
Baud rate 19200
Dimensions 39x31x18 mm
Weight 11gm

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1. How does a PS2 keyboard work?

  • A PS2 keyboard is a type of computer keyboard that connects to a computer via the PS2 (Personal System/2) interface. The PS2 interface is a standardised protocol that is commonly used for keyboards and mice to transmit data between devices. When a user types on a PS2 keyboard, a series of electrical signals are sent to the computer via the PS2 interface. These signals represent the keys that the user has pressed and are translated into the corresponding characters or commands by the computer. The PS2 interface is a simple and dependable protocol that computers can easily interpret and respond to. PS2 keyboards are a popular choice for many users because they are simple to use and require little to no setup or configuration. A PS2 keyboard works by sending electrical signals to the computer via the PS2 interface, which are then translated into the corresponding characters or commands. Users can use the keyboard to type and enter data into the computer.