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IR Remote

IR Remote

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  • 21 Key Mini Infrared remote control.
  • This is a precision 38 kHz Infrared transmitter uses a MOS integrated circuit with NEC transmission format ideally suited for remote operation in TV, VCD, and all compatible IR receiver devices.
  • This general purpose ultra-thin 38Khz universal infrared remote control can be used to generate and transmit IR signals based on the NEC encoding format.
  • The circuit is ideal for most IR Sensors since these are designed for 38 kHz pulsed IR rays.

IR Remote

This is new ultra-thin 38KHz universal infrared IR Remote Control with Battery, NEC encoding format 1-21-key remote control, USB port stereo, car MP3, foot bath, lighting, digital photo frame, microcontroller development board, learning board, etc. The NEC transmission format includes leader codes, customs codes (16 bits), and data codes (16 bits). The frequency of oscillation is determined by the Crystal. The IR LEDs connected to the output emit IR pulses at 38kHz.


  • Infrared remote control switches are used to control multiple things like thyristor power control, TVs, video games, Space related equipment (NASA), etc.
  • IR Remote Control Switch can also be used to switch on or off electronic appliances like washing machines, radio, TVs, etc.
  • By using the comparative relays we can switch ON or OFF the motor appliances also.

read our blog about ir sensor application, which provides detailed information about IR sensors, including their working principles, types, advantages, and disadvantages.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x CR2050 Battery (Inside Remote control).


Working Distance more than 8 m
Effective Angle 60 degrees
Surface materials 0.125 mmPET stick
Effective button life 20000 times
Dynamic current 3-5 mA
Infrared wavelength 940Nm
Dimensions  86 x 40 x 6mm
Weight  15 grams

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1. What is IR Remote control? Where can we use it?

  • A handheld, wireless device used to operate audio, video and other electronic equipment within a room using light signals in the infrared (IR) range. Infrared light requires line of sight to its destination. Low-end remotes use only one transmitter at the end of the unit and have to be aimed directly at the equipment. High-quality remotes have three or four powerful IR transmitters set at different angles to shower the room with signals.

2. How does IR Remote control work?

  • An IR remote (also called a transmitter) uses light to carry signals from the remote to the device it controls. It emits pulses of invisible infrared light that correspond to specific binary codes.
    These codes represent commands, such as power on, volume up, or channel down. The controlled device (also called the receiver) decodes the infrared pulses of light into binary code that its internal microprocessor understands. Once the signal is decoded, the microprocessor executes the commands.