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4 Bit Bi-Stable Latch IC - 74HC75

4 Bit Bi-Stable Latch IC - 74HC75-Robocraze

4 Bit Bi-Stable Latch IC - 74HC75

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  • 4-bit Bistable Latch in a 16-Pin DIP Package
  • Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL
  • Large Operating Voltage Range
  • Wide Operating Conditions

4 Bit Bi-Stable Latch IC - 74HC75 

The 74HC Series 74HC75 is a 4 Bit Bi-Stable Latch 16 Pin IC. It contains 4 transparent D latches with a common enable (gate) on latches 0 and 1 and another common enable on latches 2 and 3. When Q follows D (latch enabled) latch is said to be transparent. Q output will change only on edge of the input trigger pulse. small triangle on the clock (Cp) input of the symbol indicates that the device is positive edge-triggered.

D and clock inputs are synchronous inputs. set (SD) and reset (RD) inputs are asynchronous. They operate independently of D and Cp. bubbles on set and reset inputs indicate that they are low active. latches are ideally suited for use as temporary storage for binary information between processing units and input-output or indicator units.


Pinout Of 74HC75 IC  

Package Includes:

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Type DIP
Voltage Rating 4.75 to 5.25V
Temperature Rating 0 to 70 Deg C
Number of Pins 16
Mounting Through Hole


1.What is 74HC75 IC?

  • The 74HC75 is a transparent quad bistable latch with complementary outputs. One of two active HIGH enable inputs controls two latches at the same time (LE12 and LE34). Data enters the latches and appears at the nQ outputs when LEnn is HIGH. As long as LEnn is HIGH, the nQ outputs follow the data inputs (nD) (transparent). The data on the nD inputs will be stored in the latches one set-up time before the LEnn's HIGH-to-LOW transition. As long as the LEnn is LOW, the latched outputs remain stable. Clamp diodes are used as inputs. This allows for the use of current-limiting resistors to interface inputs to voltages greater than VCC.

2.How does the 74HC75 IC latch data? 

  • The 74HC75 integrated circuit latches data by receiving a clock pulse signal. When the clock pulse is high, the data on the input pins is stored in the latches and kept on the output pins until the next clock pulse is received.

3.What are some common applications of the 74HC75 IC?

  • The 74HC75 integrated circuit is often used in applications that need data storage and retention, including as memory registers, data storage devices, and other digital circuits. It's also utilised in counters, shift registers, and other circuits where numerous bi-stable latches are required.