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16 Pin Narrow IC Base - Pack of 5

16 Pin Narrow IC Base - Pack of 5

16 Pin Narrow IC Base - Pack of 5

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  • Molded notch for proper orientation.
  • The socket has pins that are easy to insert and remove, making it easy to connect and disconnect an IC or other device from a circuit board.
  • A 16-pin low profile socket can be used in educational settings to allow students to easily connect and disconnect ICs and other devices from a circuit board as they learn about electronics.
  • The socket has contacts that provide reliable electrical connections between the IC or other device and the circuit board.

16 Pin Narrow IC Base - Pack of 5

A 16-pin Narrow IC Base is an electronic component used to connect an integrated circuit (IC) or other devices to a circuit board. It is designed to have a low profile, meaning that it has a small height above the circuit board, which allows it to be used in applications where space is limited.

The 16 pin IC Base has 16 pins, which are used to make electrical connections between the IC or device and the circuit board. It is commonly used in applications such as prototyping and repair, where it is necessary to remove and replace ICs or other devices easily.


  • Prototyping
  • Production testing
  • Hobby projects

Package Includes:

  • 5 x 16 Pin Narrow IC Base


Number of pins 16
Pitch  0.1 inch
Row spacing 0.3 inch
Height above the circuit board 0.6 inch or less
Contact resistance 20 milliohms per pin
Current rating 1 amp per pin
Operating temperature -55°C to +125°C
Lifetime 20,000 insertions
Dimensions 17x10x15mm
Weight 5g

1.What is 16 pin IC base?

  • A 16 pin IC base is a holder for 16 pin ICs that can be soldered directly to the PCB. When necessary, the IC can be removed from this socket. When the IC is used, it is inserted into the socket. This base serves as an IC holder that can be removed.