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12 in 1 25 Watt Soldering Iron Kit Set

12 in 1 25 Watt Soldering Iron Kit Set

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  • The Soldering Iron Combo kit uses 25W High-Power Superior Ceramic Heating Core and can be heat quickly within few seconds, so that you can work faster.
  • Equipped with an ergonomically shaped handle, comfortable in the hand and with non-slip effect. At the same time, the use of rubber insulation materials improves the safety of solder.
  • This soldering iron combo kit comes with all the necessary accessories for soldering; The kit comes with Soldering iron, Multimeter, Desoldering Pump, Electric tester, Soldering lead, Soldering Flux, Soldering Stand, Soldering Tip, Soldering Wik Tweezer, Sponge and Wire Stripper/Cutter.
  • This older iron kit is great for welding circuit board, appliance repair, home DIY hobbyists, jewelry welding.

12-in-1 25 Watt Soldering Iron Kit Set

The 12-in-1 25 Watt Soldering iron kit is a simple, easy to use and low cost Soldering kit. It's easy to be used no matter electronics hobbyist or beginner study electronic engineering.

This Soldering kits can be used at high temperatures and are long lasting. If you want to learn how to solder, this soldering iron starter kit is  for you. Very convenient and compact. Non-slip soft rubber grip for maximum comfort and safe soldering. A 25W soldering iron that heats up quickly. Intended for both professional work and basic home repairs, or to get teenagers interested in electronics, this soldering kit is very high quality and  worth every penny.

Soldering Iron: 230 Volt and 25W Soldering iron used for most of the components soldering. Compatible with most of the soldering Iron tips. Good quality iron with fast heating.

DT830D Multimeter with Probe: DT830D Digital Multimeter 1000V DC/750V AC Digital Multimeter with 1M Ohm Impedance is Standard Diagnostic Tool to Measure Two or More Electrical Values Such as Voltage, Current and Resistance.

Desoldering Pump: An excellent Desoldering Tool/Solder Sucker help to remove solder from the electric circuit  for troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and salvage.

Soldering Iron Stand: A stable well supported metal base low cost soldering iron stand. It can hold, most of the pen-type soldering iron with its spring holder.

Desoldering Wick:  One Meter long desoldering wick for is composed of copper threads braided together. It is effective for Faster & Cleaner Desoldering. Use it with Heated Soldering Iron to remove the soldered joint.

Solder Wire: Solder Wire 10gm is useful if you want to join components and wires, over your PCB. Complete your circuit and join electrically your components through this solder or soldering wire.

Pointed Bit Tip for 25W Soldering Iron:  A Nickel Plated 3mm Pointed Bit for Soldering Iron, Chisel tip; it can be used with any standard 25W soldering iron.

Soldering Bit Cleaning Sponge: The soldering bit cleaning sponge is porous, so it holds water. Helps to knock off any globs of solder that may be clinging to the tip of the soldering Iron.

Stainless Steel Straight Tweezer: Non-Corrosive Metal Straight Tweezer for soldering assistance used for extracting SMD components.

150B Wire Stripper and Cutter: A High-grade alloy steel stripper/cutter. The tool suitable for the flush cutting action. It is mainly used to strip and cut the wire with a 12-24 gauge.

Electric Line Tester: Electric Line Tester with high quality blade and cellulose acetate plastic Handle. 

Soldering Paste: High-Quality Rosin and excellent quality of Fluxes and Wax. This enhances the performance of soldering components. This Solder Paste leaves No Black Marks, creates lesser smoke, and leaves No residue during the process of Soldering. 


  • Welding circuit board
  • Appliance repair
  • Jewellery welding
  • Circuit Board testing

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 25 Watt Soldering Iron
  • 1 x 25 Watt Pointed Soldering Bit Tip
  • 1 x Soldering Iron Stand
  • 1 x DT830D - 1000V DC/750V AC Digital Multimeter with Probe
  • 1 x 10g Soldering Wire
  • 1 x Soldering tip cleaner (Sponge)
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Straight Tweezer
  • 1 x 150b Wire Stripper and Cutter
  • 1 x 15g Soldering Paste
  • 1 x Soldering Wick
  • 1 x Electric Line Tester


Wattage 25W
Total No. of Items 12
Tweezer Material Stainless Steel
Weight (gm) 500

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