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A Raspberry Pi case is a protective covering for your Raspberry Pi board. It protects your Pi from dust, scratches, and other sorts of damage, and it can also aid to disperse heat from the board.


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Buy Raspberry Pi Case Online in India

Raspberry Pi casing adds the perfect finishing touch to your Raspberry Pi powered project. We have stocked Raspberry Pi cases for all Raspberry Pi models - from Raspberry Pi zero to Raspberry Pi 4 models.

Protect your Raspberry Pi from dust and damage, and give your project a personality with the perfectly crafted Raspberry Pi cases.


Raspberry Pi Case Prices in India

Raspberry Pi Case 


Raspberry Pi Metal Aluminum Case with Double Fans for Raspberry Pi 4B


Raspberry Pi 4B Official Case


Raspberry Pi 3A+ Official Case


Raspberry Pi 3 Official Case


Raspberry Pi Transparent Case


Raspberry Pi Black Case for Model 3B, 3B+ and 2B


Raspberry Pi 4 Premium Black Case


Raspberry Pi 3 Case


Raspberry Pi Zero W/WH Case





















Things to Consider while Buying Raspberry Pi Case

Raspberry Pi case 3D print

A 3D printed case  sets a basic standard for all Raspberry Pi cases. It snaps together around the Raspberry Pi, allowing you to fully encase it if desired. However, it’s also incredibly easy to take the top layer off to access a HAT, or the GPIO side bit to access those pins. It’s also sleek and looks great. You should buy it for standard protection and casing

Raspberry Pi case with screen

A case with a screen comes with different sized  touch/non touch screens. The Raspberry Pi can be fitted at the back. We recommend buying it when the connection to a standard display/monitor is not possible and you need regular display of output parameters. 

Dual Raspberry Pi case

A dual Pi case comes in handy when you need to stack more than one board together. It often comes with a heat sink and cooling fan. The cooling fan works silently and does not make any noise. GPIO and all Main Connectors are easily accessible. 


Where can I buy a Raspberry Pi case online?

Robocraze is the official authorized seller of Raspberry Pi products. You can buy original and genuine raspberry pi products and accessories like official raspberry pi casings, cameras, displays, power supply and kits


What is a Raspberry Pi case?

As the name suggests, a Raspberry Pi case is something that is used to encase and protect the Raspberry Pi boards. Each Raspberry Pi model has a case that is unique to it’s specifications. There is an official Raspberry Pi case for each model that comes with different slots and has a colour combination of white and pink. Other than the official case there are metal aluminum cases, transparent cases, black cases and even premium raspberry pi cases based on your style and choice. 


Does Raspberry Pi need a case?

A Pi board does not necessarily need a case but using a case is highly recommended, However, your activities will determine what kind of case will be good and which kind will just get in the way. Having a case for a raspberry Pi has its benefits as it protects the components, pins from any hazards and accidents and blends well with its surroundings. They also give a very elegant and attractive look to the Raspberry Pi. Keep the following important things in mind before buying a Raspberry Pi case:

Number of Raspberry Pi boards in use.

Raspberry Pi Model

Type of storage used; Hard Drive or Flash Drive

Purpose of the Raspberry Pi. 


How do I keep my Raspberry Pi cool?

Passive and Active are the cooling techniques used to maintain the Raspberry Pi from over-heating
Passive Cooling Solutions like

Installing Heat Sinks

Using Open Case

Maintaining Cool Environment

Underclocking the Pi
Active Cooling Solutions like

Connect Fan HATs

Hybrid Options

How do I stop my Raspberry Pi from overheating?

To avoid excessive temperature and overheating issues on Pi, you can first try to avoid overclocking the Raspberry Pi. Don’t put too much load on the CPU or GPU of the board and you may be successful in eliminating the problem. Also below are some basic tips:
Install a Cooling Fan
Use Heatsink
Get the help of an External USB Powered Fan


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