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LC100A 2.5inch LCD Digital High Precision Inductance Capacitance (LC) Meter

LC100A 2.5inch LCD Digital High Precision Inductance Capacitance (LC) Meter

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  • LC Resonance measurement method of capacitance, Inductance and Large Inductance.
  • Charge-discharge method of measurement of large capacitance.
  • Interfaces with power supply by Mini USB or Φ5.5 DC Socket.
  • Detachable LED Display.
  • Features 5 different buttons including various options.
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LC100A 2.5″ LCD Digital High Precision Inductance Capacitance (LC) Meter

The LC100A 2.5 LCD Digital High Precision Inductance/Capacitance (L/C) Meter can measure the capacitance of 1pF-100mF and the inductance of 1uH – 100H. Based on the principle of LC resonance, this instrument incorporates the precision measurement calculation of high-speed microcontroller. It can measure the inductance below 1uH and the small capacitance less than 1pF.

Apart from measuring regular capacitor and inductor parts, an LC100-A LC meter can be the handy tool for measuring the inductance of your mini-quad motor windings, to determine if a particular motor has shorted turns or not.

The biggest feature of the LC100A 2.5 LCD Digital High Precision Inductance/Capacitance (L/C) Meter is especially suitable for microwave production and measurement of switching power supply transformers and filter inductors. This product has an absolute advantage over small-value test in comparison with the finished inductor and capacitance meter (such as 6243 series) sold on the market.

Degree and minimum resolution, and flexible online calibration can maintain measurement accuracy at any time; the instrument does not use any potentiometer adjustment. The calibration parameters are completely stored in the FLASH of the microcontroller after power loss data will not be lost. The calibration method is accurate and convenient.

To make the LC100 a bit more workbench friendly, it features a few modifications. The LC100-A expects a 5V power supply, either by the USB connector or the coaxial DC socket. With the DC input socket, there is a risk of accidentally hooking up a supply of more than 5 volts, so a 5V regulator is being fitted, so that it can be powered off anything from 7 volts to the upper limit of the regulator (usually 35 volts).

Measuring range position: 

  • C range - Capacitance (0.01pF-10uF) 
  • L range - Inductance (0.001uH-100mH) 
  • HL range - Big inductance (0.001mH-100H) 
  • HC range - Big capacitance range (1uF-100mF) 

Also check the T-66 Continuity Tester With 2 Button Cell available on the Robocraze website. It is a multi-purpose, lightweight continuity tester designed for checking electrical wires and power between two points.

Package Includes :

  • 1 x LC100A High Precision Inductance/Capacitance Meter.
  • 1 x USB 2.0A to USB 2.0 mini B cable.


Input Supply Voltage (VDC)


Display Type

1602 LCD

Test frequency range  L/C about 500KHZ/Big inductance 500HZ
The minimum resolution 0.001uH
Effective Display Digit


Dimensions L x B x H(mm)

82 x 50 x 30

Weight (gm)


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