Robocraze is now an Authorized Reseller of BBC Micro:Bit products in India

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation was created from the original BBC project in October 2016, with the aim of inspiring every child to create their best digital future by:

Developing hardware and software that inspires young people to get excited about technology and the opportunities it presents for them
Creating free, user-friendly educational resources to support teachers in delivering engaging and creative lessons
Working with like-minded partners to deliver high-impact educational programmes across the globe.

Micro:Bit Collections

Robocraze brings you a wide collection of Micro:Bit products which are pocket-sized computer transforming the world by inspiring children with easy and most effective learning tool for digital skills and creativity. Robocraze delivers products across India which means if you are from any part of the country you can easily place an order with us and we promise you to deliver it to your doorstep.

Micro:Bit Community and Resources

Micro:Bit community is maintained by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation in order to document the hardware and software that make the micro:bit work the way it does. Also you can go through our blogs and videos for project ideas and tips.