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A multimeter is a handy tool for anyone who works with electronics, It is a  tool that can measure a variety of electrical values, such as voltage, current, and resistance

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A digital multimeter is test instruments used to measure two or more electrical values, primarily resistance, current, and voltage (in volts and amps) (ohms). For technicians working in the electrical and electronic industries, these are typical diagnostic tools. Voltage, current, and resistance are just a few of the electrical stimuli that a digital multimeter, or DMM, measures and verifies. It combines the functions of a voltmeter, an ammeter, and an ohmmeter and common diagnostic instruments used by technicians and electrical engineers. 


Analog and Digital Multimeters: A device known as an analogue multimeter is used to measure certain electrical quantities like current, voltage, resistance, etc. A digital multimeter is a tool used to test a variety of electrical parameters, including current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, diode values, and transistors, among others.

Multimeters are complex instruments that can measure a variety of parameters in various ways.


A "shunt resistor" is used while attempting to measure current. You connect the shunt resistor in series with the current you wish to measure, the current through the resistor causes a voltage drop, you measure the voltage drop, and then you use Ohms Law (I = V/R) to calculate the current through the resistor.

Multimeters can be used in basic, intermediate and advanced electronics kit consists of breadboard, battery, LED's, resistors and jumper wires.


A power supply would be used to generate a known current, and the voltage drop across the object whose resistance you want to determine would be measured. Using Ohms Law (R = V/I) once more.


Simply measuring the resistance and "beeping" when it falls below a predetermined modest value is continuity testing.

So, it is technically possible to convert the Raspberry Pi into a multimeter, but doing so would require some work.

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Multimeter Prices in India

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Multimeter Type


Original Mastech MAS830L Digital Pocket Multimeter with Probes


Digital Multimeter with Probe

Rs. 190/-

UNI-T UT33D Multimeter

Rs. 498/-

YX-3600TREB Analog Multimeter


VAR Tech - V830A Multimeter

Rs. 530/-

DT9205A Digital Multimeter

Rs. 524/-

Advanced Digital Electronics Kit

Rs. 1235/-

Intermediate Digital Electronics Kit

Rs. 743/- 

Beginners Digital Electronics Kit

Rs. 619/-



A voltage metre, usually referred to as a voltmeter, it is a device that measures the voltage, or potential difference between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit. Direct current (DC) circuits are the intended usage of some voltmeters, whereas alternating current (AC) circuits are the intended use of other voltmeters. 

Voltmeter working

The Operating Concept Since each element in a parallel circuit receives the same voltage, the voltmeter and the load also receive the same voltage; as a result, the voltmeter measures the voltage across the load. To get the best voltmeter and other tools for your projects do check out our website. 


Digital Voltmeter Prices in India 


Voltmeter Price

0-100(99.9)V Digital Voltmeter Panel

Rs. 134/- 

USB Charger Doctor for Voltmeter and Ammeter


Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC 100V 100A Dual Led Voltage Monitor Panel (Without Shut)

Rs. 313/-

Digital Voltmeter (0-100V) and Ammeter (10A) Dual LED Voltage Current Measurement Module

Rs. 161/-




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1. Which is the best multimeter?

There are certain multimeters that can measure humidity, duty cycle, pressure, frequency, temperature, etc. with advanced characteristics. Digital Multimeter with Probe is the best multimeter.  


2. What is the price of multimeter?

You can get best price for a multimeter and other tools & instruments at Robocraze literally starting for Rs.190/- 


3. What is multimeter used for? 

A digital multimeter is a test instrument used to measure two or more electrical values, primarily resistance, current, and voltage (in volts and amps) (ohms). For technicians working in the electrical and electronic industries, it is a typical diagnostic tool.

4. How much does a multimeter cost?

You can get best prices for a multimeter on our website Robocraze. The prices ranges from Rs.190 to Rs.600/- 


5. What is a Raspberry Pi Multimeter? 

This tiny device connects to your Raspberry Pi via USB and offers ADC (analogue to digital conversion) inputs.


6.What are multimeters used for?

A multimeter can be a handheld device for basic fault detection and field service work, or a bench instrument with extremely high accuracy. These instruments can be used to troubleshoot electrical issues in a wide range of industrial and household devices, such as electronic equipment, motor controls, domestic appliances, power supplies, and wiring systems.


7.Which is better analog or digital multimeter?

Both digital and analogue multimeters are excellent tools for measuring electrical current, voltage, and resistance.

The digital multimeter wins the race in terms of features, readings, and ease of use.

However, analogue multimeters have their advantages and should be considered if you need a low-cost multimeter solution.


8.What is voltmeter used for?

A voltmeter, also known as a voltage metre, is a tool that measures the potential difference, or voltage, between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit, direct current or alternating current voltages on a scale commonly expressed in volts, millivolts, or kilovolts.
Some voltmeters are designed for direct current (DC) circuits, while others are for alternating current (AC) circuits. Radio frequency (RF) voltage can be measured using specialised voltmeters.
Many voltmeters are digital and display readings numerically.


9.What is principle of voltmeter?

A voltmeter's basic principle is that it must be connected in parallel to the circuit in which the voltage is to be measured. Because a voltmeter is constructed in such a way that it has a very high resistance value, a parallel connection is used.