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Are you looking for Johnson DC Gear Motor for your robotic Projects? The Johnsons DC Gear motor offers custom engineering solutions based on a wide range of low voltage and high voltage DC motor platforms for power density and compact packaging solution. Choose 12v Johnson DC motor with a wide range of RPM starting from 30 to 1000. Shop now for Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, Robotics.

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What is a Johnson motor?

Johnson motors are geared DC motors made by a company called Johnson Electric. Johnson Electric offers a wide range of low voltage and high voltage motors for all platforms. The low voltage DC platform provides power density and compact packaging options. The high voltage DC range provides power density and space saving advantages versus traditional AC motors in similar applications.


What are the most commonly used Johnson motors?

  • Johnson motor 10rpm
  • Johnson motor 30rpm
  • Johnson motor 60rpm
  • Johnson motor 100rpm
  • Johnson motor 200rpm
  • Johnson motor 300rpm
  • Johnson motor 500rpm
  • Johnson motor 1000rpm
  • Automotive DC motors
  • Industry DC motors
  • Automotive Compact DC Motors
  • Industry Compact DC motors
  • Automotive Cooling Fan motors

What kind of RPM and Torque ratings are available from Johnson DC motors?

Johnson motors are available in all sorts of sizes and configurations with many motors ranging from low to high RPMs and torque as required by different applications and projects. Typically under low voltage DC motors, RPM ranges from 65 - 16000 and torque ranges from 2 - 23000 Nm depending on the motor model. They also make custom engineered products to fit for your own specific needs

What are Johnson's Automotive DC motors?

Johnson's Automotive DC motors are low powered and compact but high performing motors meant for the automotive industry. These DC Motors have  improved power density and efficiency of the Compact DC series that enables designers to create products of smaller size and lower weight.

What are Johnson's Industry DC motors?

These are low powered and compact but high performing motors meant for the industrial needs. This wide range of motor platforms can be custom engineered to meet the power, size, efficiency and life requirements of the customer’s application. These are available in both high and low voltages.