12V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater

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  • The ceramic cartridge heater is highli compatible with RepRap and Prusa 3D printer models.
  • This ceramic cartridge heater is 12V 40W powered wire.
  • The probe of the ceramic catridge heater is made of 304 stainless steel and measure 20mm in length.
  • The red coloured catridge heater wire has a 8mm diameter and measure 1metre in length.

12V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater

The 12V 40W ceramic cartridge heater consists of a cylindrical stainless steel tube and thus provide a high corrosion prevention. The heating wire inside the the ceramic cartridhe heater is wound onto a ceramic core. The number of coils varies depending on the power and provide a great uniform distribution of heat, which considerably increases the long life of the heater as well as prevents the oxidation of the heater wire even at high temperatures. 

Features of the 12V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater

Material 304 Stainless Steel
Voltage 12V
Power 40W
Wire Length 1 metre
Diameter of the wire 6mm
Length of the steel 20mm


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