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  • Operating Supply Voltage: 5 volt
  • Operating frequency: 38 KHz
  • Operating current: 5mA
  • Mounting: Pin hole
  • Pin Count: 3
  • The TSOP 1838 is an IR remote control receiver device operating at 3 volts. The sensor is a miniaturized version in the family of the TSOP and is used in small size remote control devices. It is designed to sense the Infrared rays of the center frequency of 38 KHz only. The sensor has an inbuilt embedded preamplifier circuit with automatic gain controller along with a bandpass filter. The sensor only detects and responds to the 38 KHz IR ray incident directly on to it. The voltage generated is passed through the amplifying and filter circuit of the sensor in order to amplify and filter the signals, then the noiseless output so obtained can be used to drives the NPN transistor.
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