TIP 122 Darlington Transistor

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  • Collector-Emitter Volt (Vceo): 100V
  • Collector-Base Volt (Vcbo): 100V
  • Collector Current (Ic): 5.0A
  • hfe: 1,000 @ 500mA
  • Power Dissipation (Ptot): 65W
  • Type: NPN

The TIP122(RM0387) is an NPN Epitaxial Darlington Transistor. Mainly used for Medium Power Linear Switching Applications and Complements to TIP125/126/127.

In electronic, the Darlington transistor (often called a Darlington pair) is a compound structure consisting of two bipolar transistor (either integrated or separated devices) connected in such a way that the current amplified by the first transistor is amplified further by the second one. This configuration gives a much higher common/emitter current gain than each transistor taken separately and, in the case of integrated devices, can take less space than two individual transistors because they can use a shared collector. Integrated Darlington pairs come packaged singly in transistor-like packages or as an array of devices (usually eight) in an integrated circuit.

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