Soldering Paste (50 gm)

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  • Flux is used while soldering the components to the Vervo board, mostly for the cleaning purpose.
  • Increases the flow of molten solder, you can easily clean the board.
  • Suitable for PCB, BGA, PGA, and SMD reworking.

Soldering Paste (50 gm)

This Quickfix soldering paste flux is ideal for soldering wide electric and electronic components & bonding will be free from faulty soldering problems. The flux has stable performance, volatile, long life cycle, the amount of Provincial, non-toxic, odourless, safe to use and reliable.

Soldering Paste Applications:

  • Great Soldering Rework Tools for SmartPhone
  • PCB
  • BGA
  • Motherboard Repairing

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Soldering Paste 


Brand  Quickfix 
Dimensions  5 x 4 x 3cms
Weight  50 grams
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Can you use solder paste with a soldering iron?

With a soldering iron, you usually use wire solder. Apply a small amount of paste to the joint before applying heat. If you use solder with rosin or acid core, the paste is usually not necessary.

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