Buy Raspberry micro SD Cards online with pre-installed NOOBS.

Looking for micro SD card compatible for Raspberry Pi or pre-installed NOOBS sd cards to use Raspberry Pi desktop for games, print servers and other applications? Choose from a variety of Raspberry Pi Class 10 micro SD cards of various capacities; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB SD Cards. You can alsp opt for pre-installed NOOBS for these SD Cards.

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    Sandisk 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card
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    Micro SD Card to SD card Adapter
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    SanDisk 64GB Micro SD/SDHC Card
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    SanDisk 32GB Micro SD/SDHC Card
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    San Disk 16GB Micro SD/SDHC Memory Card
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What kind of SD Cards does Raspberry Pi use?

The SD cards used in Raspberry Pi are Micro SD cards of varying storage capacities. A Raspberry Pi basically uses a micro SD card as a hard drive and to store any information. It is highly recommended to use a Class 10 micro SD card for your Raspberry Pi. Class 10 SD cards are used in video equipment since they can transfer data quickly with no buffering. Other than Class 10 micro SD card category, there is also another faster category of SD cards that is recommended for Raspberry Pi called the UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed). UHS-I provides faster bus speed using just one row of pins.

Is 32 GB SD Card enough for Raspberry Pi?

Experts say that 32GB micro SD card is more than enough for performing different functions on Raspberry Pi. There is enough storage in a 32 GB micro SD card to use Raspberry Pi as a print server, a VPN media or even a full desktop system. A 32GB micro SD card is plenty for whatever OS you install on the Raspberry Pi, with some space left over for games, programming environments, and whatever else you want. A micro SD card of 32GB storage capacity may not be enough for mobile phones, but it’s plentiful for Raspberry Pi.

Can I use 64 GB SD Card for Raspberry Pi?

If you intend to install a lot of games or any more software, you need higher capacity card like a 64GB micro SD card. A 64Gb micro SD card is high compatible with any Raspberry Pi model but you need to certain pre-requisites. Using a 64GB SD card requires formatting with the exFAT filesystem. According to Raspberry Pi's official formatting instructions, Raspberry Pi's bootloader only has support for reading from FAT16 or FAT32 filesystems.

How much do micro SD cards cost?

Micro SD Cards


San Disk 16GB micro SD card 


San Disk 32GB micro SD Card


San Disk 64GB micro SD card



How do I install NOOBS into my SD card?

NOOBS is also known as New Out Of Box Software. To get started with any Raspberry Pi model you need to have an operating system to fully utilize the potential of the device. NOOBS is an easy operating system install manager for the Raspberry Pi.

We recommend you to use a micro SD card of minimum 16GB storage capacity before getting started with NOOBS. In order to get started, firstly you need to download NOOBS online. After downloading the software, format your SD card before copying NOOBS files into it.

After completely formatting the SD card, drag all the NOOBS files in the extracted NOOBS folder and drop them onto the SD card drive. The necessary files will then be transferred to your SD card. When this process has finished, safely remove the SD card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi.

Once you insert the SD card containing NOOBS, your raspberry pi will reboot.  a window will appear with a list of different operating systems that you can install. The OS that you choose to install will then run through its installation process.