Quadcopter propellers 10 x 4.5 (1 Pair)

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  • The 1045 propellers are made with hig quality carbon fibre and comes in orange colour.
  • They are designed with a lenght of 10 inches and pitch of 4.5 inches.
  • These 1045 carbon fibre propellers are best used with A2212 1000KV1400KV, 1800KV and 2200kV motors and 30A ESC.
  • They are are light in weight and have a propeller angle of 15° to avoid whirlpool while flying.

1045 Carbon Fiber CW CCW Quadcopter Propeller

The 1045 propeller set is a carbon fibre propeller set that is designed and manufactured specifically for DIY multicopters and quadcopters. The orange carbon fibre propellers are best used with be used with our A2212 1000KV, 1400KV, 1800KV and 2200kV motors and our 30A ESC. 

The 1045 quadcopter propellers are made for high endurance and flexibility and are engineered improve the air-powered efficiency and aerofoil stability. For easy and finae usage it features quick to release and quick to attach abilities.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x clockwise 1045 propeller
  • 1 x anticlockwise propeller
  • 1 x hole set

Features of the 1045 propeller set

Propeller Type 

1045 Propeller


Carbon Fibre


10 inch


4.5 inch

Shaft Diameter

7.7 mm




25 grams

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Will the 1045 propeller set break?

The 1045 propeller set are made of carbon fibre material which ae ideal to provide integrity and strenght to the quadcopters. Therefore under normal circumstances these propellers are unbreakable and can even withstand crash landing. Byt DIY drone and quadcopter enthusiasts do accessorize their DIY quadcopters with a propeller guard to protect theor equipement.



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