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Inventor's Kit

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  • Robocraze Inventors kit to Innovate your own Product.
  • The inventors kit is curated sucj that you can develop arduino projects easily and efficiently.
  • With the help of the inventors kit compatible with arduino, you can even test and prototype your projects.
  • Buy the Inventors Kit online at best prices.

Inventor's Kit

The inventors kit is based on the UNO board compatible with arduini. This kit is oerfect for children and enthusiasts who have innovative ideas and want to transform them into reality. The components of the inventors kit are completely compatible wirh the UNI development board. 

This UNO Board kit wcontains everything that you need develop embedded systems project and develop prototypes to test and work on them.

Note: Weight of the Package: 500grams (approx) and Dimensions (approx): 22 x 15 x 5cms

Package Includes:

Uno Board compatible with Arduino x 1
Resistance Box  x 1
USB cable  x 1 
PIR x 1 
Red LED x 5
Green LED x 5
White LED x 5
RGB LED  x 1
IR remote controller  x 1
Membrane Keypad  x 1
9V Battery with holder  x 1
9g servo motor  x 1
DHT sensor  x 1 
Breadboard  x 1 
LDR x 3
LCD Panel  x 1
Capacitor Box  x 2
IR reciever  x 1
Phototransistor x 1
LM35 Temperature Sensor  x 1
7 Segment LED x 1
LM 555 x 1
Buzzer  x 1
Piezo Buzzer  x 1
Button switch  x 1
Male Headers  x 5
HCSR04 x 1
Ribbon cable x 1
Jumper wires(M2 M, M2F) x 10 
5V Relay x 1