12 MP USB Camera - Robocraze
12 MP USB Camera - Robocraze
  • 12 MP USB Camera - Robocraze
  • 12 MP USB Camera - Robocraze

12 MP USB Camera

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  • The Enter Webcam is a 12 Mega Pixel camera.
  • It is compatible with computers, laptops and other accessories.
  • The night vision on the camera captures high quality images at night.
  • The camera has video resolution of 640*480 pixels.
  • It has a built in image compassion and features an automatic white balance.
  • The sensor size is  4386 X 3.64 mm and has a dynamic range of 72 DB.
  • CMOS Chip type: color CMOS image sensor

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12 MP USB Camera

Enter is a leading Hardware system developer specializing in USB & IO Device. The12 MP USB webcam provides an enhanced personal productivity and creates new applications that are more accessible and affordable for today’s PCs.

The E-12 MPIR is a PC web camera that is equipped with a 12 Megapixel camera. It comes with a great night vison feature that helps you capture high quality pictures at night. The video captures a resolution of 640*480 pixels. The 12 MP USB Web Camera runs on CMOS Chip type: color CMOS image sensor. It runs a video format of 24bit RGB and has a USB interface.