PiFace Control and Display

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  • User definable custom characters
  • LED display backlight
  • IR receiver for infrared remote control
  • Three position navigation switch
  • Five tactile switches
  • Quick and easy menu building Python libraries provided

PiFace Control and Display

The PiFace Control and Display 2 is an add on board for Raspberry Pi. This board includes a character display, buttons and knobs to allow for interfacing with the single board computer without the use of a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It saves space and power by removing the need for a monitor, providing a user interface. Display status information, messages, menus and controls Pi with an IR remote control or onboard buttons. Ideal for using in XBMC media servers, Internet radios or in user's own Raspberry Pi applications. The PiFace Control and Display 2 software also allows for the easy creation of user's own bitmap icons and it is customisable for any user applications.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x PiFace Control and Display


Device Name  PiFace Control and Display
Compatibility  Raspberry Pi 
Display Type  16 character by 2 line alphanumeric display
Dimensions  5 x 3 x 1cms 
Weight  25 grams
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What is PiFace Digital?

PiFace Digital is designed to plug on to the GPIO of your Raspberry Pi, allowing you to sense and control the real world. With PiFace Digital you can detect the state of a switch, for example from a door sensor, a pressure pad or any number of other switch types.

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