Optical Fingerprint Sensor Module

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  • The device can communicate with the MCU of 3.3 V or other MCU through the serial port.
  • The default access voltage of touch-sensitive input power supply is 3.3 V
  • Semi-duplex asynchronous serial communication is adopted.
  • The default baud rate is 57600bps, which can be customized to other baud rates.
  • After the module is supplied power, about 100mS time is required to initiate the work.
  • JM-101 fingerprint module is a fingerprint processing module for integrating the light path and fingerprint processing part, has small volume, low power consumption, simple interface, high reliability, fast recognition and good adaptability for dry or wet finger, quick search speed of fingerprint. When reading fingerprint image, it has sensitive reaction and judgment to dry or wet fingers, and obtains best image quality. Thus, it can be applied widely by most of people in the world. The JM-101 module also has the function of sensing fingers, and when the finger presses on the fingerprint acquisition surface, the module Touch feet output high level. The JM-101 module has USB and UART communication interface. This module is controlled by related command from the main equipment.
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