NEO M8N GPS Module with Compass for APM ARDUPILOT

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  • The GPS Module also includes an onboard compass that can be used instead of the internal compass on the APM for better flight performance.
  • The Module comes with all the required cables to connect it to your APM. 
  • This module is plug and play with the APM and requires no external circuit/connections or connectors.


NEO M8N GPS Module

Adding a GPS Module to your APM Flight controller lets you fly autonomous flights. This is the latest high accuracy NEO M8N GPS Module for the APM Flight controller with an onboard compass. The NEO M8N offers up to 0.6m(compared to 1.5m accuracy or previous NEO 7M and 6M modules) accuracy in optimal conditions.

Ublox NEO M8N is upgraded on the and offers low power consumption, high precision, supports GPS+GLONASS dual positioning system, improves the search speed and reception, effectively reducing the HDOP value compared to previous NEO 7M and 6M Versions.Package included double-sided adhesive to mount the GPS on your drone. Use this module to run autonomous flights with your APM Arducopter Quadcopter.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x NEO M8N GPS Module
  • 1 x Double-sided adhesive


Model  NEO M8N GPS Module
Built-in Compass Yes
Position accuracy 2.0 m CEP
Response Time  10s to find 6 satellite in open space
Dimensions  5 x 4 x 3cms 
Weight  25 grams
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What is a GPS module?

GPS modules contain tiny processors and antennas that directly receive data sent by satellites through dedicated RF frequencies.





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