3D Printer 12864 Graphic Smart Display

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  • Package List: 1x Smart Adapter (Fully Assembled) 1x 5″ Smart Controller with built in SD Card slot 1x Set of 11″ Cables 1x Set of Headers to connect to your RAMPS 1.4 Board
  • The kit os compact, small, lightweight and convenient to use.
  • G-code file can be stored on the sd card for printing.

This smart LCD kit is a 3D printer 128×64 Smart LCD controller for ramps 1.4 and contains the following compnonet:

  • SD-Card reader
  • rotary encoder
  • 128×64 LCD display

This panel connects to your RAMPS 1.4 All further operations, such as calibration, the axis movement can be done with the rotary encoder embedded. The SD card slot is integrated at the back so that the files to be printed can be read here. It is use to use since all you need to do is plug and play on the RAMPS. LCD 12864 Smart Controller fully supported by Marlin Firmware. Theotary encoder on the smart controller allows actions like calibration and axes movements. 

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