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Are you a system integrator looking for a long range, low power solution for a IoT system? Buy LORA ESP Development boards online and build a smart solution today.

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What does LORA stand for?

LORA stands for Long Range Radio. This technology is used in IoT devices that enable public or multi-tenant networks to connect a number of applications running on the same network.

What is LORA used for?

LORA is based on chirp spread spectrum modulation, which has low power characteristics like FSK modulation but can be used for long-range communications. LORA can be used to connect sensors, gateways, machines, devices, animals, people etc. wirelessly to the cloud.

How far can LORA transmit?

Theoretically LORA has a range that goes beyond 10Kms,  between 15 to 20 km.  However, there are other factors that will influence this "realistic range" - such as, the network and node-gateway positioning, surrounding environment (presence of physical obstacles), antenna performance, Tx power mode, etc.

How many devices can be connected to LORA Gateway?

LORAWAN Gateway supports bi-directional communication. A single LORAWAN Gateway can accommodate 1,000s of devices or nodes, multiple Gateways provide resilience to smart solutions

How does LORA work?

LORA is a point-to-multipoint networking protocol that uses Semtech's LORA modulation scheme. It's not just about the radio waves; it's about how the radio waves communicate with LORAWAN gateways to do things like encryption and identification. It also includes a cloud component, which multiple gateways connect to.

Can LORA transmit audio?

Yes LORA can transmit audio. A great example for this is LORA FM Radio. It is a great way to have a cheap affordable always on play the sound over the air. you can speak into a microphone and broadcast your voice or pick audio files over this device and play them.

Where can I buy LORA online in India?

You can buy LORA online in India from authorized vendors like Robocraze. Buying LORA from authorized vendors or trusted sellers ensures the reliability of the product. You can use products bought from authorized sellers comfortably in IoT projects.

How much does LORA cost?



ESP32 LORA with Display