HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass

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  • Power supply:3-5v
  • Communication modes: standard I2C communication protocol
  • Measuring range: ± 1.3-8 Gauss
  • 1-2 degree heading accuracy
  • Integrated 12-bit ADC
  • 160Hz max data rate
A low power 3-axis Magnetometer / Digital Compass Module based on HMC5883L. The Board breaks out the I2C communication interface and comes with an onboard voltage regulator and can be powered from a 5V supply. It also has pull up resistors on the I2C line. The Compass Module is designed for low-field magnetic sensing with a digital interface and perfect to give precise heading information.This compact sensor fits into small projects such as UAVs and robot navigation systems. The sensor converts any magnetic field to a differential voltage output on 3 axes.This voltage shift is the raw digital output value, which can then be used to calculate headings or sense magnetic fields coming from different directions.
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