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Digital Voltmeter Ammeter

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  • Operating Voltage: 5V DC.
  • Current Consumption: <60mA.
  • Testing Voltage: 0-100V.
  • Testing Current: 1-50A.
  • Easy to read even in dim light.

Digital Voltmeter Ammeter

The digital voltmeter ammeter will measure up to 100 VDC with a 0.1-volt resolution. This can be supplied anywhere from 6 volts DC up to 30 VDC. It is an instrument used to measure the electrical potential difference between two points in a circuit.

Wiring of the Voltmeter Ammeter:

  • Black line (thin): vacant or buck circuit (module) Negative.
  • Red line (thin): power supply Positive.
  • Black line (thick): COM, common measuring. 
  • Red line (thick): PW+, measuring terminal voltage input positive.
  • Yellow line (thick): IN+, current input Positive.

Applications of the digital voltmeter ammeter

  • Digital Voltmeter is used to know the actual voltage of different components.
  • DVM is widely used to check if there is power in the circuit, such as the mains outlet.
  • Knowing the voltage across a circuit, current can be calculated.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter Module
  • 1 x Two wire-thin connector
  • 1 x Three wire thin connector


Display 0.28" LED digital
Operating voltage DC 4.5 ~ 30V
Measure voltage DC 0 ~ 100V
Minimum resolution (V) 0.1V
Measure current 10A (direct measurement, built-in shunt)
Dimensions  48mm x 29mm x 21mm
Weight  50 grams


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Is this reader able to read both the voltage and current together?

Yes, the digital voltmeter ammeter device is able to read both the voltage and the current of a device. It is able to read the current because the digital voltmeter ammeter features an integrated shunt built into it.





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