DIY CX-002 Lark Quadcopter

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  • CX MODEL LARK CX-002 is a multifunctional and powerful quadcopter drone.
  • It's totally DIY quadcopter, every part of a drone need you to assemble by yourself.
  • It's cool, interesting and kind of a smart challenge for your kids! Come on and get this task home.

DIY CX-002 Lark Quadcopter

Steps to assemble the LARK Quadcopter

  • Take the bottom frame of the quadcopter (A-2) and place the battery (A-12) at the centre
  • Take out the electronic board (A-11), snap it into the frame (A-14) and mount it over the battery
  • Next, take the forward and reverse motor and place it into the motor mounts correctly. The motors of the same number should be mounted diagonally opposite to each other. Looking directly towards the front side of the drone frame, motor number A-15 should be on the right side and motor A-13 on the left side. On the rear side, motor A-15 will be on the left and motor A-13 on the right.

Note: If the motor placements are incorrect, the drone may not fly as the motors will spin incorrectly to generate lift.

  • Make sure the motor wires face towards the centre of the drone and motor should be connected to the corresponding motor pins on the electronics board.
  • Install the switch button (A-16). The switch button symbol should be facing in the same orientation as the drone and the mounting point of it near the rear end of the drone.
  • Finish of the main body assembly by snapping on the top frame (A-1) to the bottom frame.
  • Secure the upper and lower body by inserting in restriction parts (A-17) into the four body arms.
  • Install the protective hood (A-3, A-4, A-5 and A-6) to each of the drone’s arm. Insert the hood into the restriction part first before snapping the bottom part of the hood to the fuselage.
  • Insert the forward and the reverse propeller to the motor shaft on the four arms of the quadcopter. With the quadcopter front facing the user, the A-10 propeller should be mounted on the right side and the A-8 propeller should be mounted on the left side. Like the motor the rear arms will have the propellers of the same part placed diagonally opposite to the front, i.e. A-10 on the left and A-8 on the right. Make sure the propellers are fully inserted into the shaft as incorrectly inserted ones may fling of the quadcopter when it starts to fly.

Note: If the propeller placements are incorrect, the drone may not fly as the propellers will push air towards the wrong direction to generate lift.

  • Make sure the propellers can spin freely and the wind blows downwards. If not, the propellers might be placed incorrectly.
  • Place the caps on the propellers, to prevent the propellers from detaching mid-flight. 

Steps to connect the remote control to the Lark Quadcopter

Put the AAA batteries in the remote control of the Lark quadcopter. Switch on both the remote control and the quadcopter. Move the joystick forward and backward and wait for the blinking on the Lark quadcopter to stop. Then press the throttle once. The Lark drone is now connected to the remote control.

The DIY CX-002 Lark Quadcopter package includes:

Up and Down Body x 1
2.4G Transmitter x 1
3.7V 400mAh Li-Po Battery x 1
Battery USB Charger x 1 
Propeller  x 8
Propeller Protector and Pad set x 4 
Receiving Board x 1 
Coreless Motor x 4
Fixed Frame  x 1 
Switch Button  x 1 
Restricted Accessory x 4
English Manual  x 1 
Dimension (approx) 6 x 6 x 3cms
Weight (approx) 35 grams 


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Does this Lark model have an in-built camera?

No, the CX-002 model of the Lark quadcopter does not come with a built-in camera. But this model of the Lark drone does come built-in barometer which provides great stability at higher altitude and 3D-flip function that makes your flight experience fun and exciting.

The UDI U842-1 Lark quadcopter drone has a built in 720p camera.

What is the flight time of the Lark quadcopter and what kind of battery is used in the drone?

The Lark quadcopter can stay in the air for about 7 minutes. It is powered by a 12A LiPo battery and takes about 40 minutes to charge completely. The batteries used in the remote controller are two AAA batteries.

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