BC558 Transistor(Pack of 5)

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  • Collector: Current flows in through collector
  • Base: Controls the biasing of transistor
  • Emitter: Current Drains out through emitter
  • There are many general use transistors available. The BC558 is a PNP transistor and a heavy duty drop-in replacement for a 2N2222 or 2N3906. The three terminals of a bipolar transistor are called the emitter, base, and collector. A small current into the base controls a large current flow from the collector to the emitter. The current at the base is typically one-hundredth of the collector-emitter current. Moreover, the large current flow is almost independent of the voltage across the transistor from collector to emitter. This makes it possible to obtain a large amplification of voltage by taking the output voltage from a resistor in series with the collector.
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