Elementz AVR USB Programmer with Cable

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  • Package includes: 1 x USB ASP CAVR programming device. 1 x FRC cable
  • Supports Atmel AVR/ AT89S/51/52 series MCU which have standard ISP functions Complies with standard Atmel AVR ISP interface
  • Can be powered by external power supply (target board) or from usb port autospeed control function for flashing devices to get the best performance/stability
  • Supports slow function for special applications ptc fuse for protecting your usb power / computer
  • Has external MOSI,MISO,RET,SCK,VCC,GND 6PIN, flexible for other applications firmware can be upgraded
  • USB AVR USBISP programmer will allow users to painlessly transfer hex programs to most ATMEL AVR microcontrollers. It is more reliable than most other AVR programmers available. Entire AVR programmer has been built with using common parts and fits in the case of the serial connector. This AVR programmer is compatible with AVRdude GUI software. Operating Voltage : 5V (Drawn from USB - No external power required) This can be used to program : AT90S1200,2313,2323,2343,4414,4433,4434,8515,8535, ATMEGA103,128,1280,1281,16,161,162,163,165,168,169, ATMEGA 2560,2561,32,323,325,3250,328,329,3290,406,48,64, ATMEGA 640,644,645,6450,649,6490,8,8515,8535,88, ATTINY 11,12,13,15,22,2323,25,26,261,28,44,45,461,84,85,86, AT90CAN128,32,64, AT90PWM2, CAPABLE OF PROGRAMMING BOTH 3.3V & 5V AVR MICROCONTROLLERS (See detailed description) Driver : www.elementzonline.com/downloads/USBasp/USBasp_win-driver.zip AVRDude : www.elementzonline.com/downloads/USBasp/AVRDudeGUI.zip User Manual : www.elementzonline.com/downloads/USBasp/USBasp_UserManual.pdf SET VCC-EN JUMPER FOR POWERING 5V TARGET BOARDS FROM USB PROGRAMMER ITSELF
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