UNO Starter Kit compatible with Arduino

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  • Starter kits for beginners to get started with exploring and developing on the Arduino Platform.
  • Building some creative and simple projects is a great way to walk through coding and basic electronic circuits knowledge.

  • This starter kit is perfect for students and kids who are planning on pursuing electronic engineering.
  • Buy UNO starter kit online at best prices from Robocraze.

UNO Starter Kit compatible with Arduino

This is a 21 in 1 starter kit based on UNO microcontroller board and is compatible with arduino. This UNO starter kit contains all the necessary electronic components to get started with UNO board, arduino and embedded sytems. All the sensors included in the kit are of good quality and work well with arduino.

Kids and students who are interested in electronic engineering or embdedded systems should buy the UNO board starter kit online. 

Note: Weight of the Package: 100grams (approx) and Dimensions (approx): 22 x 15 x 5cms

Package Includes:

UNO board compatible with Arduino  x 1
Breadboard  x 1
LED  x 5
LDR x 1
16 x 2 LCD  x 1
Connecting Wires  x 40  (male to male and male to female)
5V Relay  x 1 
Button Switch  x 5
Resistance Box  x 1
Capacitor Box  x 1
Transistors  x 4
Proximity Sensor  x 1
Buzzer  x 1
9V Battery  x 1
Connecting Cap  x 1
7805 Voltage converter  x 1 
Potentiometer  x 2 (100ohm, 10kohm)
Toy Motor x 1 (2000 RPM)
L293D x 1 
Seven Segment Display  x 1


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Are all the components compatible with UNO board?

Yes, all the 20 components work well with the UNO board which is compatible with arduino. The 21 in 1 UNO board starter kit for arduino is specifically designed for kids and students who are beginners at embedded systems.

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